Hello my friend May- By Kon Kalimnios © 2019

I hadn’t seen my childhood friend May, for such a while,
Yet, the day she came- brought back countless memories and smiles.
With a saddened heart, she granted me a loving and warm embrace,
We laughed and cried reminiscing- as tears poured off her face.

70 years of memories shared with her and my Iris over the test of time,
To us, a true friend, company, a phone call, a confidant of mine.
Words were not there, yet her flowers, colourful and bright,
Their meaning meant the world, in the bunch everything was said so right…

Orchids, Proteas, Dark Centred Red Poppies, tied tight in a bow,
Made me smile, as I spoke, the words to her began to flow…
Dearest friend, thank you for the flowers, through them you say so much,
Orchids are for strength there are 8 in your bunch…
Thank you for the Proteas. They are for change, transformation and courage.
I will be fine, as I’ll have you for me to encourage…
Beautiful Dark Centred Red Poppies; they represent beauty and eternal life. Yes, I’ll miss my dearest Iris- she was a tremendous wife…

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