Spotlight on Staff- Introducing Dimitra Alexakis

For over two decades, Dimitra Alexakis grew from a casual sales assistant, to a manager of tax free and gift stores; in both the International and Domestic Terminals, at Sydney Airport.  Dimitra was an asset, a committed employee, with exemplary business qualities including a strong and trustworthy work ethic.   Dimitra is passionate- warm and engaging,

Famous Burials- Elvis Presley

This year, 2020 will mark 43 years since Elvis Presley died; he died too soon.  He accomplished so much in what remains to this day an unforgettable and sublime career.  A super star that won the hearts of millions of screaming women across the world.  A super star that impacted millions of people across the

Spotlight on Staff- Introducing Georgia Paschalidis

Paris.  Within one of the world’s most romantic cities, there is a landmark, visited by over 7 million people every year.  A landmark scraping the sky, shy of 1,100 meters tall, the Eiffel Tower is the epitome of romance in the heart of the city.  From the bottom, to the top observatory deck of the

The When, What, How and Why Project- Cemeteries, Embalming and Repatriations, and Viewings

  Cemeteries   Cemeteries; for many, they’re stunning parks, places of eternal rest.  For others, they’re places of reflection, places where you can learn about ancestral accounts, based on loved ones buried there.  For many- they’re places they don’t like, nor do they like to visit them.  Cemeteries and Crematoria.  There are countless to visit

Famous Burials- Steve Irwin

He is dearly missed, but never will Steve Irwin be forgotten.  He was born on the 22nd February 1962- and forged an incredible career and affectionate title as ‘The Crocodile Hunter’.  Steve was a zoologist, conservationist- and a much loved and passionate television personality.  He married Terri Raines, and fathered 2 children; Bindi and Robert.