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  Contacts   Emergency, Triple Zero- Telephone 000 The primary national emergency number in Australia.  The Emergency Call Service is overseen by the Australian Communications and Media Authority, and is intended only for use in life-threatening or time-critical emergencies.   Acropolis Funeral Services– We’re available 24 hours Telephone- 9558 1770 Web- Email- Facebook-

Famous Burials- Walt Disney

He was born in 1901- and within the 66 years he lived; Walt Disney generated so much personal wealth and success, but also unlimited happiness to millions upon millions of children across the globe.  A true entrepreneur, in the animation world, Walt Disney; the film producer, artist and creator of Mickey Mouse won over 30

The When, What, How and Why Project- Introductory Welcome

  The When, What, How and Why Project Everything and more about funerals… Written and presented by Acropolis Funeral Services © 2020  Acropolis Funeral Services, is proud to present this informative Blog- that contains useful and helpful information at hand, for people that have either suddenly or unexpectedly experienced the passing of a loved one,

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  Pre-paid Funerals Contacts There is a death in our family… What do I do now? Hospitals The Coroner Acropolis Funeral Services Cemeteries Embalming and Repatriations Viewings How do I write a Eulogy? Funeral Etiquette Burials versus Cremations The history of burials and cemeteries Greek Orthodox Funerals Flowers Caskets vs Coffins- Is there a Difference?

The When, What, How and Why Project- Pre-paid Funerals

Pre-paid Funerals  For some people, it’s daunting- for others, it is peace of mind, a decision made now- to alleviate potential emotional and financial stress in the future.  The shock and stress that death can bring, often intertwines with the not knowing of what to do, and the possible inability to make choices and decisions,

Saint George

On the 23rd April, the Greek Orthodox Church celebrates the Feast Day of Ayios Georgios- Saint George.    Happy Name day- to all, celebrating today.  Did you know that Ayios Georgios is one of the greatest, most recognised and acknowledged saints across the Orthodox, Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran and Armeian churches?  Saint George is considered the protector of

Spotlight on Staff- Introducing Kon Kalimnios

By 7.00am, Australia presses their snooze buttons; or wearily turn off alarm clocks- in preparation for a new day.  Followed by the buttering of toast, tying of shoe laces, checking the latest news bulletins, packing lunch boxes and bags, prior to kisses goodbye, and well wishes for a great day ahead.  And then the scurry
COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

As the Corona Virus has been declared a Pandemic, we would like to advise of our continuous, high standard of occupational health and safety, and hygiene practices, regarding all of our staff and loved ones, whist in our care at Acropolis Funeral Services. Based that we operate our own in house mortuary facility, please be

Spotlight on Staff- Introducing Nitsa Vlahou

  When you ring Acropolis Funeral Services, during business hours- chances are your call will be answered by Nitsa Vlahou- the first point of call of the business.  Whether it’s answering client enquiries on the telephone, responding to emails, booking and coordinating funerals, liaising with hospitals, nursing homes and cemeteries, attending to viewings, managing back