Our Funeral Services

As funeral directors, we are responsible in providing the following services: 

Our staff will arrange a meeting with your family and next of kin to discuss the options available for you and your family.

We will organise the collection of your loved one from the place of passing, into our care and will further prepare all of the required paperwork needed for legal purposes. Your loved one will be transported by a mortuary ambulance to our mortuary holding facility. From here, all necessary preparations will occur once it has been established as to whether your loved one will be buried, cremated or repatriated (transported to another country or state) for cremation or burial.

When a death occurs at home:

The first step is to call your doctor. Once the doctor satisfies all legal requirements regarding the cause of death and identity of your loved one, a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death will be issued. (Please note, your loved one must have been treated by the same doctor within the previous six months.)

Following this step, you will need to call the funeral director. This can be done simultaneously or just after the doctor has been contacted. Once the certificate has been issued, we will transport your loved one to our mortuary care facility.

The next step is to discuss the funeral details. This stage will require you to decide on whether you will prefer a burial, cremation or repatriation (transported to another country or state.)

The final step will be to consider your personal requirements for the funeral. Arrangements regarding newspaper notices, type of casket, cemetery or crematorium, floral tributes, cars and anything further can be discussed with our funeral directors.


When a death occurs at home and a doctor is unavailable:

If a doctor is unavailable to issue a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death, the situation then becomes a matter for the coroner. In this instance, police can arrange a government contractor to transport your loved one to the Coroner’s Court of New South Wales.

Costs for the transportation of your loved one will be paid by the government and no charges will be made for the issuance of certificates by the coroner.

Once all legal and medical requirements are satisfied, a Coroner’s Report will be issued. This process usually takes up to five days with some exceptions. Our funeral directors will then collect the necessary burial or cremation permits on your behalf and organise for your loved one to be transported into our care where funeral arrangements may then proceed.

When a death occurs at a hospital or a nursing home:

Here, the doctor and nursing home have the responsibility of completing the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death. We will then arrange for your loved one to be transported to our funeral home.

Since nursing homes do not have holding facilities, your loved one must be transferred to us as soon as the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death is completed. With nursing homes, funeral homes are usually pre-decided for individuals by their families upon their sign-up.

Religious services within a Greek Orthodox Church:

The church may be booked for a time that is convenient for both your family and the priest. Additional details in regards to this can be discussed further with our funeral directors.

Religious services within a chapel at a cemetery or crematorium:

Chapel facilities are provided by most cemeteries. However, if this is not the case, a crematorium can be used exclusively for the service. The burial will then occur at the grave site within the cemetery grounds. This may be an option more suited to you and your family as it lessens the number of destinations for you to attend.

In the case of a cremation in a crematorium, the service will take place in the chapel along with the committal of your loved one in the one place.

Religious services within our chapel:

If you would prefer a service in our chapel but feel you would not like to attend the cemetery or crematorium, we can provide a service in our chapel, proceeding to undertake a private cremation or burial on your behalf.

Arranging a viewing:

Many families ask us if they can spend time with their loved one before the funeral service. This is a personal decision and is entirely up to you. We are able to organise a viewing for you and your family as a way to say your final goodbye or spend some time with your loved one. This may help with the grieving process by offering a sense of consolation. With Greek Orthodox families, it is a preference to have a viewing on the night preceding the funeral service. Acropolis Funeral Services provides comfortable, spacious and fully equipped Greek Orthodox Chapels.

Once all of these details are organised, we will then proceed to establish further details involving the date, time and place of the service, the priest, choice of casket, floral arrangements, newspaper notices, memorial cards and anything else you wish to include.

Arranging a funeral is a most unwanted task, but one that may be easier with some help and guidance. We embrace all nationalities and religious faiths.

If at any time you have a question or special requirement, we are entirely at your disposal and will guide you through every step of the way.

Our facility:

At Acropolis Funeral Services, the care and security of your loved one is our priority. We have a state-of-the-art facility under constant surveillance that is constantly open to your inspection, and a 24-hour access to our trained personnel, seven days a week.

We do not hire our facility out to any other funeral director who does not have one, our facility is exclusive to our team.

The products that we offer for funeral services are part of a curated selection of the highest quality, Australian-made products that attend to all price ranges to ensure the best service for your loved one.

At some point in our lives, we all face the reality of losing a loved one. While we can’t ease your pain during this time of grief, we can lessen the burden by allowing you the time and space to grieve and remember, committing ourselves to being there for you and your family at your most vulnerable time. We consider it a privilege to help you and your family create a life celebration for your loved one.

We are willing to answer all of your questions and handle all details in order for you and your family to be able to relax and embrace the love and support of family and friends. At Acropolis Funeral Services, you deal directly with the owners of the company. Both owners are highly active in the day to day services that our funeral home provides. This way, we ensure no errors and that only qualified and experienced staff have access to your loved one.

On the day of the service, we will be with you and your family throughout the entire process, ensuring that all your needs are met and that everything runs as desired. We provide a warm and gentle presence so you can be assured that Acropolis Funeral Services will look after your family.

To us, a dignified funeral ceremony and opportunity to say good-bye to a loved one remains a significant part of life. In our experience, there is no right way to plan a funeral, we understand that every family holds different needs and has personal preferences. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a funeral service that is appropriate for you and your family, but above all, a service that is a true reflection of the unique life and legacy of your loved one.

Funerals matter and we shouldn’t underestimate the value they can give to us. Our focus is on helping you plan and conduct a ceremony that reflects your budget, culture and values. We’ve proudly serviced families from a range of religious groups, working closely with them to ensure their traditions and customs are respectfully upheld. We are dedicated to our business and guarantee to provide secure and dignified care for your loved one.