About Us

Acropolis Funeral Services is an independent Australian business, family-owned and operated by Michael and Vicky Kiriazis. Acropolis Funeral Services has supported a number of charity organisations, nursing homes, churches and Greek associations, leading it to become the most recognised and largest Greek Orthodox funeral home in Sydney, Australia.

Acropolis Funeral Services is proudly accredited by the FDA (The Funeral Directors Association of NSW LTD) and the NFDA (National Funeral Directors Association.)


Together with our team of funeral directors, we take pride in our reputation and superior service quality and aim to give our clients the utmost professionalism, respect and understanding during their time of need.

At Acropolis Funeral Services, we are committed to listening to our families and liaising with them. Our staff are dedicated to taking the time and effort to ensure that all details and expectations regarding our services are met and that the requirements of families are attended to with the highest respect.

It is very important to choose a funeral director that you trust, and one who you feel comfortable with. Losing a loved one can cause stress and confusion, decisions that were once made with ease suddenly become so difficult. Our funeral directors are here to help you make the correct arrangements through this time of bereavement.