Spotlight on Staff- Introducing Nitsa Vlahou


When you ring Acropolis Funeral Services, during business hours- chances are your call will be answered by Nitsa Vlahou- the first point of call of the business.  Whether it’s answering client enquiries on the telephone, responding to emails, booking and coordinating funerals, liaising with hospitals, nursing homes and cemeteries, attending to viewings, managing back of house duties in the office, communicating directly with staff and drivers- the list goes on- Nitsa has proven her invaluable wealth, performing above and beyond her job description, in juggling many aspects of her demanding role, professionally and compassionately.


Whilst being interviewed, Nitsa stated that patience is one of her greatest qualities and indeed she possesses Aristotle’s 12 virtues including temperance, immense pride and great temperament, and above most works honourably to ensure she accomplishes successful outcomes for each and every family she serves.  More so, Nitsa’s focus is to ensure every family is comforted to the best of her abilities- when dealing with them.  She has the proven ability to connect with families with ease- and finds comfort knowing she provides everything they require to ensure the funeral of their loved ones- is beautiful and above most memorable.


Based on her qualities and remarkable humane and business ethos- one would think that Nitsa was a veteran of the industry, however only 5 years ago, Nitsa was engaged in a totally different industry- and one she was happy to be in.  Involved in a career path Nitsa thought would never end, until restructuring meant she would either need to relocate to Victoria, to continue her role, with husband and 2 young children in tow, or leave the company.  Circumstances surrounded Nitsa not being able to leave Sydney, which meant a professional chapter within Nitsa’s illustrious career would come to a close.  For over 10 years, Nitsa worked as an Administrative Consultant and PA of the CEO of Supre Australia, head quartered in Marrickville.


Hence the sliding doors of life; Nitsa prepared her polished resume and commenced applying for work.  She saw an advertisement for her current role in the Greek newspaper and personally believed she had the capacity, and ability to accomplish the daily requirements of the role.  However Nitsa never ever imagined working in the funeral industry.  During her interview- Nitsa stated initially it was very hard- emotionally challenging and trying, exhausting at times- dealing with grieving families, as she never experienced grief.  A difficult emotion to experience yet alone, to serve people that are grieving.  However in little time, Nitsa grew within her role, gained incredible strength and confidence, and personally and professionally established incredible resilience in providing comfort, support and strength to those in her need, at their most vulnerable time of need.  A remarkable woman with great determination to learn, who is the epitome of excellent representation of the brand and the suite of products the business has available on offer.


At the end of the day, when Nitsa locks the door behind her, after a busy and challenging day at work- and drives home from the hustle and bustle of Homer Street- Nitsa finds herself busily occupied with relaxing activities at home.  She loves to read, writing her personal memoirs for her children as a keepsake, and putting together photo albums.  Nitsa loves photography and looking at photos.


Moussaka is her favourite dish- Nitsa loves travelling and looks forward to returning to Greece for some R&R.  She has travelled through Bulgaria, Austria, Germany, Italy and Romania in Europe.  Stuttgart, Germany was also home for Nitsa, for 2 years- during Winter.


Furthermore, Nitsa loves to swim, and going to the beach.  The Notebook is Nitsa’s favourite movie, and finds great satisfaction cooking stir fry dishes for her children.  Nitsa believes in the importance of doing good to others.  She reiterates the importance to her 2 daughters that you should never do onto others, what you would never want done onto you.  A true testament and fitting quote for a compassionate human being like Nitsa, who is the example of  goodness- and an individual perfect for a role in providing goodness, compassion and love to all she serves within her role at Acropolis Funeral Services.

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