At the Helm… Introducing Vicky and Michael Kiriazis, Principals of Acropolis Funeral Services

Death. The frowned upon topic and conversation; that many people become uneasy and uncomfortable- when they think about it. A conversation that’s difficult to engage in, for more people than less. Death. The dark topic that scares people. It’s the unknown that horrifies the majority of us, at the best of times. Yet alone burials, cemeteries, cremations, coffins, embalming, hearses, body bags, the list goes on… Morbid- horrific, many people would think. Death- it’s a part of life, a natural occurrence that will happen to all of us. And for many people it happens without notice. It’s a shock to the system that changes life forever. It’s a given, yes, we will die; but until then, let’s not talk about it. It’s the final chapter of life, here on earth. But for Vicky and Michael Kiriazis, it’s not morbid, it’s not horrific, it’s not scary, it’s not a dark subject. Burials, cemeteries, cremations, coffins, embalming, hearses, body bags, and death- is what they live and breathe every day. It’s their career, their business, their passion, their chosen craft. This post will shine the light on these remarkable leaders that have mastered their trade, and their award regarding excellence within the funeral industry.

Since 2006, Vicky and Michael Kiriazis, have been at the helm of their privately owned and operated family business, Acropolis Funeral Services. Accredited by the Funeral Directors Association of New South Wales, for 13 years thus far, Vicky and Michael together with their committed and well-knit team have professionally serviced the Greek community across New South Wales. Predominantly coordinating Greek Orthodox funerals, however all denominations, cultures, beliefs and non-religious funerals and services have been catered for and continue to do so. Furthermore, Acropolis Funeral Services specialises in repatriations, meaning loved ones can be embalmed and farewelled for burials interstate or overseas at any time. They are the epitome of business leaders. They effectively and successfully collaborate personal and professional life and commitments. Not only are they the leaders of the business, but on many occasions engage in the many aspects and roles of the day to day operations of the business. These include working on the floor directly, in the mortuary and conducting funerals as well.

Acropolis Funeral Services operates 3 offices, conveniently located at Earlwood, Kogarah and Kingsford. The business headquarters are located at 212 Homer Street, Earlwood. The business has its own Mortuary, which means loved ones are transferred directly to the Earlwood site, from where all preparations are completed prior to their departure for burial or repatriation abroad. The business also has 2 chapels, located at the Earlwood and Kingsford offices.

Furthermore, Acropolis Funeral Services has its own fleet of vehicles including hearses, sedans and limousines. The staff are bilingual- and speak fluent Greek. All staff are trained to deliver a superior level of exceptional customer service at all times- as expected by Vicky and Michael. Particular meticulous attention to detail is significant and executed by the staff in the Mortuary. By employing a Master hairdresser, beautician and Embalmer in training- loved ones are beautifully presented, and cared for with paramount love, respect, and dignity.

A highly recognised brand within the funeral industry of New South Wales, Acropolis Funeral Services continues to raise the bench mark when it comes to outstanding customer service.
In 2018 the business was recognised as an outstanding leader for excellence in customer service. Vicky and Michael were nominated for outstanding excellence in The NSW Business Chamber Business Awards. Out of the hundreds of applications submitted- the business became a celebrated finalist, and its efforts celebrated at a gala night- hosted by Studio 10’s Sarah Harris, at The Australian Turf Club, Randwick.

Based on honesty, integrity, transparency, trust and dignity at all times- are the qualities that have allowed the business to evolve into the successful one it has become today, thus creating consistent repeat clientele by highly satisfied families. A business that continues to grow and evolve, engaging in social media avenues- connecting with people across the world. Vicky directly has almost 2 decades worth of experience behind her in the industry- where she first started as an administrative assistant. Together with her husband Michael, the duo continue to operate brilliance. In a changing world- where nothing stays the same, in a changing world where technology can create isolation and a shift in customer service, Acropolis Funeral Services continues to lead, serve with pride, however deliver superior, classic and traditional farewells- that are ageless- that all loved ones above most deserve…

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