Spotlight on Staff, ‘S.O.S’ Introducing Kon Kalimnios

By 7.00am, Australia presses their snooze buttons; or wearily turn off alarm clocks- in preparation for a new day.  Followed by the buttering of toast, tying of shoe laces, checking the latest news bulletins, packing lunch boxes and bags, prior to kisses goodbye, and well wishes for a great day ahead.  And then the scurry to board busses and trains begins, followed by the commute to school or work, wishing colleagues ‘good morning…’ and logging on to computers.  A normal, routine day, to say the least.  But for the Funeral Directors and Mortuary Team at Acropolis Funeral Services- by 7.00am, their day has already begun; preparing for the funerals and services scheduled for the day.


He awakes at 4.00am, to ensure a 7.00am work start time is met.  He commutes over 1,000kms a week; to be here.  Determined- he is there, because he’s always wanted to be part of the industry.  Since he was a teenager- he aspired to ‘one day’ becoming a ‘Funeral Director’.  And for almost 20 years, after having watched the first episode of the HBO American drama ‘Six Feet Under’- his steadfastness and keen ambition in becoming a Funeral Director, grew.  He loves the series that ended in 2005.  Upon entering the premises- preparing, checking, and finalising all funeral arrangements prior to their commencement on the day, begins.


Introducing Kon Kalimnios, of Acropolis Funeral Services.  For almost 3 years, Kon has passionately, and compassionately served the customers of the business, as a Funeral Director and Hair and Make-Up Artist.  When interviewed, Kon was asked what he particularly loved about his roles and prospering career at Acropolis Funerals; he answered- there are two things that I love the most.   Firstly, the customer service, and secondly working closely with Vivian, the Head of Mortuary Services, preparing customers’ loved ones, prior to their viewings and final farewells.  Further to this, Kon strongly believes in the emphasis of the importance in delivering quality, outstanding, above and beyond- consistent customer service.  ‘I have in previous roles, served customers in the hospitality sector.  As a Chief Concierge and Receptionist- I delivered excellence in service.  I ensured at all times, that the genuine and sincere execution and delivery of my services, was above and beyond the expectation, and needs of the guests I interacted with.  The funeral industry- is no different.  To this day I continue to deliver excellent service.  I ensure at all times that my genuine and sincere delivery of service and approach is above and beyond, the expectation and needs, of the grieving families I serve.’


Secondly, Kon stated, that working in the Mortuary- to date, would have to be one of the most rewarding roles he has ever engaged in.  Here, Kon applies a high level of skill and experience, having previously worked as a Master Hairdresser, for almost a decade.  As a Hair and Make-Up Artist, Kon has been bestowed the responsibility, in ensuring all loved one’s final presentations, meet the instructions and expectations specified.  Kon works with compassion, possesses a strong business acumen and ethos, and works often in isolation.  He passionately applies his skills, in an environment, stocked with hair products and equipment used by hair stylists and make-up artists.  Hence, this enables Kon to work professionally, as he would in a hair and beauty salon.


‘I’m honoured to be trusted in applying my skills, experience and ideas in preparing loved ones, with dignity and compassion, prior to their viewings and funerals.  This aspect of my role is personally satisfying because there is nothing more rewarding, when families’ feedback include how beautiful their loved ones look, and that they look so peaceful, sleeping.  Testament that I have accomplished my duties- and delivered my outstanding customer service.  Hence following my personal and professional values- above and beyond, as I’m always determined to do- is evident when customers genuinely thank me, for having looked after their loved one as if they were my own.  I often respond- that all who are the Acropolis Funerals family, respect and look after every loved one that comes into our care, as we would our own family…  I’m so proud of what I do.  I sincerely love what I do.  I love coming to work every day…  It’s a beautiful, peaceful and gratifying career choice…’


Kon stated he is loving the direction, the journey that his career is unfolding before his eyes.  He firmly respects, and believes in the reputable brand, and the extensive suite of products and services, Acropolis Funeral Services have been offering its customers, for many years.  A well-established institution he passionately serves, Kon enjoys, his work life, equally as much as his hobbies and interests.  As an accomplished cook, Kon loves to prepare dishes, served at dinner parties for his family and friends.  He loves watching SBS Food on television as much as he can, Nigella Lawson is his favourite chef.  Can you imagine how star struck Kon was, when in fact he met the television culinary queen herself in 2019?


Before a crowd of over 2,000 people, at the Sydney Opera House, Kon read a statement to the globally recognised chef, and advised her of his favourite recipe of hers- Badenjan Dip.  Later that day, after lining up for almost 2 hours- Kon finally greeted his idol, spoke to Nigella, shook her hand, and had his cook book signed by her.  The once in a lifetime experience was captured forever in a photograph that Kon will treasure for life…


His other claim to fame is having styled Glykeria’s hair- in the year 2000.  Glykeria is Greece’s third top-certified female artists, in the country’s phonographic era since the 1960’s.  Furthermore, Kon is a keen baker.  Out of the kitchen, he loves to travel, and has extensively travelled throughout Europe, Asia and The United States of America.  His favourite country to visit is Singapore, after having been there twice.  The Blue Grotto, on the island of Capri, located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, off the Sorrento Peninsular, Italy, is the most memorable and breathtaking attraction, he’s ever visited.  Traveling to South Africa and Japan, is on the wish list.  Kon is a connoisseur of coffee, loves a Chicken Parmigiana, hates seafood, loves Ferrero Rochers, Cadbury chocolate, ION Sokofreta, now thankfully extensively available, at Greek grocery stores across Sydney, and attending to his garden.


He is passionate about Ancestry and Genealogy.  Kon extensively researched his father’s family history over 10 years, and in 1996, the Kalimnios family celebrated their Sesquicentennial Anniversary- 150 years since Kon’s great grandfather was born.  Kon’s love for writing, further allowed him to research his mother’s side of the family- which lead to Kon publishing a book.  An official Book Launch, followed the release of Kalypso 1820, The Secret Garden Unveiled- which sold out- its 1st print of 200 copies, in 2013.  A great fete, since his research commenced in 1991.  Academically, Kon has a Diploma Human Resources Management and Training and Assessment.  He loves to read, loves the Australian classic movie The Castle, and Felix the Cat cartoons.


Kon loves to read, watching television when he can, and won State and National Apprentice of the year titles in the year 2000.  Kon is proud of his accomplishments, ambitions, goals and dreams- that have come to fruition.  A unique individual, that works hard for personal and professional growth and development at all times.  He is a firm believer in lifelong learning.


At Acropolis Funeral Services, no two days are alike.  Kon is passionate about serving.  At 7.00am tomorrow morning, when the sound of the notorious, hated alarm clocks, start beeping and blaring in our eardrums, Kon will be starting work.  He’ll be starting and welcoming a brand new day.  When the sun rises, and with his can do attitude and the hunger for gusto, Kon will enter the space he loves to be in.  Like this morning, and tomorrow morning, Kon will engage in doing, what he has wanted to do for a very long time.


Proud of all of accomplishments- this one too, came true.  Very proud, and eternally grateful, that a prosperous and rewarding career was granted to him; by the trust of the management team at Acropolis Funeral Services.  A quality and trusted name and workplace, Kon is proud to be closely associated with his work family.  A family that work closely as a team.  A team that Kon loves being part of today, a team he’ll love tomorrow and the countless days of evolving future to come…