Funeral Services & What Are They?

What do funeral services? / What services do funeral directors offer?

Traditional Funeral Services:

Traditional funeral services are still the most common type of funeral ceremony. These types of pf services generally entail various religious and cultural rituals and are usually held in a more formal setting such as a church or chapel. As part of a traditional funeral service, friends and family may sing or play songs or hymns to commemorate their loved one’s life, religious blessings may occur by a priest or celebrant, and a eulogy may be delivered. This type of service can be followed by either a graveside service and burial, or a cremation whereby a loved one is taken to a crematorium by funeral staff, and a loved one’s ashes are returned to their family at a later date.

Graveside Services:

Graveside services are the most important part of a traditional funeral, held after the funeral ceremony in a church or chapel. Final blessings and words are said here, before friends and family say goodbye to their loved one before they are lowered into their final resting place.

Direct Burials:

Direct burials are the most affordable and simple burial option and are a perfect option for families who do not wish to have a formal ceremony. Some families may choose this option with plans to have a memorial service not involving a funeral home, or simply because they prefer not to have a service altogether, instead opting for time spent with loved ones in a more familiar setting such as their home without the fuss of visitations or a funeral beforehand. With these services, funeral staff will arrange to prepare a loved one and privately transfer them to their final resting place without family present.

Direct Cremations:

Much like direct burials, direct cremations are the most affordable and simple cremation option, often chosen by families for the same reasons as a direct burial. With these services, funeral staff will arrange to prepare a loved one and privately transfer them to a crematorium without family present. A loved one’s ashes are then returned to their family at a later date.

Memorial Services and Celebration of Life Services:

These services are usually more non-traditional services which focus on honouring and celebrating the life of a loved one who has passed away, rather than focusing on funeral rites and rituals. These services are more personalised to the family and the loved one they have lost, usually involving friends and family reflecting on all their loved one gave them while they were alive through anecdotes, funny moments, shared memories, and lessons learnt through them.