Famous Burials- Elvis Presley

This year, 2020 will mark 43 years since Elvis Presley died; he died too soon.  He accomplished so much in what remains to this day an unforgettable and sublime career.  A super star that won the hearts of millions of screaming women across the world.  A super star that impacted millions of people across the globe- like no other…  Undoubtedly he is ‘The King’- ‘The King of Rock and Roll’- that wrote over 140 songs, and to date his worth is almost $20 million.  He continues to draw fans that relish watching the movies he starred in- over 30 to be exact.

Furthermore, did you know (according to history 101.com/30-facts-about-elvis/) that Elvis had a twin- that died due to complications at birth?    He used shoe polish to make his hair black- and- he lived in Graceland within the first 12 months of his illustrious career?  Incredibly, Elvis purchased Graceland for $100,000.00- yet today; averaging over 600,000 visitors a year- Graceland makes over $21 million a year.  Hi songs continue to be played across the world- over and over again- gaining new fans and generations that grow to love the man, long after his death.  According to rollingstone.com Elvis’ ‘Suspicious Minds’ came in at number 1- at their Reader’s Poll; The 10 Best Elvis Presley Songs.  Elvis Presley died on Tuesday, 16th August 1977.

He was actually buried at Graceland itself- at the Meditation garden.  Tripsavvy.com/where-is-elvis-buried, states that over 600,000 visitors from every corner of Earth make a pilgrimage to Graceland, and to pay their respects to The King.  Elvis’ parents, grandmother and his twin– are all buried by his side…


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