The When, What, How and Why Project- Pre-paid Funerals

Pre-paid Funerals

 For some people, it’s daunting- for others, it is peace of mind, a decision made now- to alleviate potential emotional and financial stress in the future.  The shock and stress that death can bring, often intertwines with the not knowing of what to do, and the possible inability to make choices and decisions, considering the requests and wishes of a loved one’s funerals.  The benefits of pre-planned funerals, include everything is catered for accordingly, decided by the individual or family- prior to them passing.  The process alleviates the unnecessary stress, in making difficult decisions during a potentially difficult and emotional time.

Acropolis Funeral Services provides a Pre-paid Funeral arrangement service.  The benefits include; making decisions in your own time, as there is no need to feel pressure throughout the process.  Furthermore, having the opportunity to personalise a service that is specifically suited to your needs and payment options are not limited to an upfront payment, a Pre-paid Funeral can be paid in regular instalments, suitable to every individual.

At Acropolis Funeral Services, we’ll explain the products and services available, and based on the decisions made, the final cost.  You’ll be guided through the planning process, to ensure your wishes are met, including the funeral or cremation service, music, poetry, burials, or repatriation service interstate or overseas.  We’ll even show you caskets to choose from, service booklets and memorial cards, and flowers, etc.  The decisions will be made by the individuals or families- specific to their needs.  Your choices and service will be coordinated, planned and secured, providing a total cost, fixed- regardless of any future price increase.

Please note that Pre-paid Funerals are not viewed as part of your personal assets.  They’re exempt from Centrelink and Department of Veteran Affairs Assets Tests.  In summary, feel free to call Acropolis Funeral Services on 9558 1770, at any time, to discuss this service further.  It’s a simple process that provides peace of mind.  Peace of mind ensuring that loved ones’ funerals and services are delivered exactly as they wanted.  A service planned and paid in advance- ensuring one’s requests and last wishes, leave behind, beautiful and memorable memories- that will be treasured for life.

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