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The When, What, How and Why Project

Everything and more about funerals…

Written and presented by Acropolis Funeral Services

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Acropolis Funeral Services, is proud to present this informative Blog- that contains useful and helpful information at hand, for people that have either suddenly or unexpectedly experienced the passing of a loved one, or information regarding what to do leading up to death, and grief.  As Funeral Directors, we’re often asked what does this all mean, in regards to rituals and sayings- that are part of funeral services, regardless of the denomination or faith.  Our When, What, How and Why Blog takes a thorough, closer look at the symbolic meanings of the rituals we see, and words we hear- and etiquette and what is expected of us, during this time.  A clarification of why we do things, when and how we do them, prior to a funeral or cremation of a loved one.

Even though Acropolis Funeral Services primarily accommodates the needs of Greek Orthodox families, the business is accustomed and highly skilled and experienced in organising many non-orthodox or non-denomination funerals, memorials, cremation services or repatriations abroad.  We hope that the information and links provided in this Blog, will shine the light or grey areas, and comfort those who are uncertain, or worried about what things mean, and what is expected of them- or simplify what needs to be done, in order to make the process a little easier to handle.

We are not counsellors, or psychologists; at Acropolis Funeral Services, we are experienced, dignified and professional funeral directors.  We’ve listed below contact details for services that can assist you, if needed.  However, we’re a phone call away, when the need arises, for you to engage in our services.  We’re by your side, and can chat at any time.

Furthermore, if there is anything more, that we have not covered, that you would like to know more about, or feel it is pertinent to become part of this information, please feel free to email us directly at or telephone 9558 1770.

We’re here to help.  If we don’t know the answer, we’ll find it for you.

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