Mean what you say, with a beautiful bunch of flowers…

Flowers. They’re beautiful, fragrant, and come in all shapes, sizes and colours. There are tropical ones, native ones, breathtaking and exotic ones. Found across the globe, in every nation, flowers have been around for thousands of years. We receive them in abundance, they’re given at births, deaths, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and anniversaries- the list, purposes and reasons as to why we give and receive flowers is endless. However, many people believe that flowers have significance regarding a meaning. For example, people believe rather than giving a bunch of Roses to a friend, they are given to a person as a means of professing love. Furthermore, many believe that the actual colours offer distinct meanings. White Roses are the representation of humility and innocence, yellow- friendship and joy, pink- admiration and appreciation, and red- the lover’s rose. There is an abundance of fascinating information online that will allow you to discover even further, the meaning of your favourite flowers and their specific meaning…For your information, here is a compilation of popular flowers and their meaning:

Rose – Love, passion
Iris – Royalty, faith
Daffodil – Rebirth
Gladiolus – Strength, integrity
Bird of Paradise – Joy, paradise
Freesia – Passion, joy
Chrysanthemum – Loyalty, love
Orchid – Admiration, innocence, strength
Daisy – Innocence, purity
Calla Lily – Purity, passion
Sunflower – Adoration, loyalty
Tulip – Love, confidence
Poppy – Wild extravagance
Wattle – Friendship, love
Protea – Change, transformation

Did You Know?
– The National flower of Australia is the Golden Wattle?
– Lebanon doesn’t actually have a National flower, however, the Cedar tree is the National tree of Lebanon that is also featured on the Lebanese flag.


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