What is Tsoureki?

Tsoureki; for millions of Greeks throughout the world, Easter wouldn’t be complete without it. It can be made and devoured any time of the year, but traditionally, it’s a treat made and especially enjoyed over Greek Orthodox Easter, or ‘Pascha.’ There are many variations to the recipe, many shapes and sizes, plain, chocolate filled, with or without almonds, plain, circular, oval, but for those who have never eaten it before, Tsoureki would be described as a sweetened bread, more like a brioche. It’s commonly made as a braided loaf, seasoned with orange zest, vanilla and exotic spices such as mahlepi and mastiha. Baked until golden on top, Tsourekia at Easter are customarily handed to one another as gestures of good will, and many contain bright-red coloured hard boiled eggs, pressed into them prior to baking.

They are delicious, and even though they are fiddly to make, it’s worth the labour. Furthermore, throughout many Greek bakeries and patisseries across Australia, you will find delicious Tsourekia already made for you, available to purchase. They are just as delicious as those made at home. Happy Easter everybody.

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